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Space Siren loves you


Space Siren // ZEA // WOLVON  >>  EP (2X7")

Songs for a Dead Pilot

release January 26, 2015

KZ013 // SR063 // MR014

Space Siren  >>  LP & CD (lim.ed)

If you scream like that your monkey won't come

release Juny 19, 2014

KZ011 // SR059

Space Siren  >>  LP & CD

Mr. Wagner, please give us a call

release March 22, 2012

KZ09 // SR034

Space Siren // the Sugarettes   >>  split 7"

Off with her head

release October 1, 2011

KZ08 // SR033

On the 27th of november 2014 Corno Zwetsloot, guitarist and producer of the band Space Siren passed away. Right before his death Space Siren wrote two last songs. These songs are released on the 7” Songs for a Dead Pilot. This release also contains two covers of Space Siren songs, mightely played by ZEA and WOLVON

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Incendiary Magazine

The Fine Vinyl


Second full lenght album, released at OT301, June 19 2014,  Amsterdam. That was a smashing party with The EX, Slow Worries and Fendika.

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Incendiary Magazine


Kicking the Habit


Debut album, released at OT301, march 22 2012, Amsterdam.

The LP is sold out, CD is still available!

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3 voor 12


Split 7" with indieband the Sugarettes. They play Control on one side. Space Siren plays Off with her head on the other. All recorded analogue in our Next To Jaap Studio!

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KIcking the Habit

Tjeerd van Erve


Space Siren   >>  7"

Lullaby (get ready)

release May 12, 2005

Dream 34

Then there were four. To celebrate Space Siren as a whole, four songs on two pieces of black vinyl. Prepacked in a handmade sleeve (which inspired us to make an animation....)

Released on May 13, 2010, with Lushus, Stoma a.o. SJU, Utrecht.

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Pepr's Corner

Incendiary Magazine

3 voor 12

Space Siren started with a celebration of life. A birth announcement for new born girl.  Also a start for a new musical experience!

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(press catalogue+sounds, scroll to our 7" and press on Space Siren. They loved it in the UK!)

Space Siren   >>  2 x 7"

Double 7"

release May 12, 2010

KZ07 // SR021