Alicia Breton Ferrer >> Girlfriends who don't love their boyfriends

Alicia Breton Ferrer >> Oh my God, someone killed Kelly

Alicia Breton Ferrer >>

Off with her head

Siebe de Boer >>

Who makes me try?

Ineke Duivenvoorde & Alicia Breton Ferrer >>

teaser: If you scream like that your monkey won't come

Siebe de Boer >>

This Radar

Ineke Duivenvoorde >>

I think I saw an elephant

Loes van Dorp >>

We have met the daylight before

Space Siren >>

7" Magic (The sleeve that folds itself)

you can find us at facebook & bandcamp & mail us for contact

We are surrounded by dedicated video & animation artists who made bizar, surreal, beautiful, lovely, intense, awesome video's on our music. Space Siren inspired them, they inspired us.


And they all did it for just a big HUG.

Thnx so much!!

video by Loes van Dorp It was better to stay at home

Alicia Breton Ferrer >> Evidence Collection Guidelines