an old video, the band on the road all the way to Groningen. a very old typewriter, who juggles with words and letters, dear dear friends and family, who were so brave and helpful to write down their words and thoughts to Corno. a portret, falling into pieces. shot by a beautiful man we also had to loose.

a brave and beautiful daughter who wrote, filmed, did the editing stuff and made the premiere for real.

all in loving

memory of


Space Siren's One Cold Winter is Coming Up

day of release: 27-11-2019

love & thanks to everybody who was involved with this project

let's celebrate life!

Ineke Duivenvoorde & Janneke Zwetsloot >>

One cold winter's coming up

We are surrounded by dedicated video & animation artists who made bizar, surreal, beautiful, lovely, intense, awesome video's on our music. Space Siren inspired them, they inspired us.

And they all did it for just a big HUG.

Thnx so much!!

Alicia Breton Ferrer >> Evidence Collection Guidelines



Loes van Dorp >>

It was better to

stay at home

Ineke Duivenvoorde &  <<  Alicia Breton Ferrer

teaser: If you scream like that your monkey won't come

Siebe de Boer >>

Who makes me try?

<<  Loes van Dorp 

We have met the daylight before

Alicia Breton Ferrer >> Oh my God, someone killed Kelly

Ineke Duivenvoorde >>

I think I saw an elephant

<< Alicia Breton Ferrer 

Off with her head

Space Siren  >>

7" Magic (The sleeve that folds itself)

<< Alicia Breton Ferrer

Girlfriends who don't love their boyfriends