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One of our last shows, at OCCII, Amsterdam, 5 september 2014.


The guys from Do It Together filmed it and shared it. Many thanks for that!


You can also watch the black/white version on Vimeo.


To be honest, for us, hard to see, but also great memories!!

It feels like yesterday....


It's great the world still can see our music and power. Share if you like. X




Here it is, our latest video >> It was better to stay at home, taken from our latest album If you scream like that your monkey won't come. Made by video/animation artist Loes van Dorp.

It was better to stay at home


Several seven inches, two great albums and many appreciated live performances in the Netherlands and beyond – Dutch band Space Siren seem to have closed a circle that started with the birth of Janneke (daughter of Corno and Ineke, the founders of Space Siren) and ended with the unfortunate funeral announcement. “Songs for a Dead Pilot”, their last brilliant piece, includes two songs that producer and guitarist Corno Zwetsloot was able to record with Gwendolin, Aico and Ineke, before the latter passed away on 27 November 2014. It sounds astonishingly evocative of the tragic event that was approaching. While we hope they will come back soon, we convey our condolences and express our sympathy to Space Siren CLICK TO READ THE INTERVIEW

Vito Camarretta of Chain D.L.K. interviewed us.


The Brazilian The Blog That Celebrates Life Itself made a compilation The Language of Birds which includes Space Sirens It was better to stay at home as a free download.

Awesome shoegaze gathered with love.


Listen to the sound of fluttering noise...